Nov. 17, 2021

Zobin Said What? Featuring: Zobin

Zobin Said What? Featuring: Zobin

Episode 11 of Minimal Filters:

- Interview with Zoe Willard or as most of you know her as Zobin. We get into lawsuits, NHL Players, Dj's and obviously, sexual intercourse.

- Get Burnt Segment - Where we read all the fans and haters roasts about us and our podcasts, yes our feelings were fucking hurt by them.

- Shower thought of the day - Which includes mashed potatoes and and realizing how fucking old everyone is becoming.

- All of that and so much more on Episode 11 of Minimal Filters, enjoy Mfers and all you fake haters.

Time Stamps:

4:42 - Interview with Zobin

34:40 - Get Burnt

57:08 - Shower Thought of The Day