March 2, 2022

WW3 and Hangovers. Featuring: Jason Scheible

WW3 and Hangovers. Featuring: Jason Scheible

On the brink of world war 3, we decide to bring back our favourite celebrity guest and not only bring him on for an interview, but this time we’re allowing him to be integrated into some of our favourite segments. Today we have the one and only Jason Scheible. Jason will join us as we give our love language advice to help all of you sad & desperate singles out there and he will also be our first ever guest for a NAILS segment as we go over our NAILS of the best combinations ever. And as you all know we decontaminate the show with our shower thoughts of the day. 

All of this and so much more.

Enjoy guys and girls (unless your name is Vladimir Putin).

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Time Stamps:

11:50 - Love Language

17:08 - NAILS of Combinations

35:09 - Shower Thoughts of The Day