Sept. 7, 2022

School is Back Calgary (and everyone else)

School is Back Calgary (and everyone else)

On today's episode, episode 39, we list our MFERs of the week.

 We go over NAILS this week as well, where we list our top 5 Actors who we would want on our team in a fight. Not movie or show characters, but the actual actors themselves. 

After that we work our brains with a FAX NO PRINTER. This week, the loser has to eat the other one's ass… wait no that's not right, the loser has to take a shot of a disgusting random four ingredient combustion of whatever the winner chooses out of our fridge and or spices drawer.

 And then as always, we blow your minds with our shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps:

03:00 - Nathan's first day at school.

12:55 - MFER of the week.

21:47 - NAILS of Actors (not characters) we want to have our backs in a fight

35:09 - FAX no Printer.

44:36 - Shower thought of the day.