March 29, 2022

Racist Pizza Guy.

Racist Pizza Guy.

On episode 28 of Minimal Filters we start things off a little differently as Nathan's voice is the equivalent to a velociraptor right now from all the screaming and crying he was doing during his Oilers 9-5 loss to my flames on the weekend which we will get into later.

We also cover that absolutely absurd bitch slap from M.I.B legend William Smith at Sunday's Oscars, we bring back one of our fan favourite segments “Fax or Printer” where the loser has to call domino's and order a pizza then ask if they can leave a special note written in the box.

And as always, we sponge ourselves down with our shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps:

3:04 - Battle of Alberta Talk, including Kale injuring himself.

13:36 - Will Smith, Chris Rock and the slap that the whole world has seen.

24:20 - Fax No Printer.

32:08 - Prank call to a racist pizza guy.