June 14, 2022

Oh snap, new segments?

Oh snap, new segments?

They say that men will do anything but go to therapy, well, we proved those people right by making this podcast. 

Welcome to episode 33 of Minimal Filters, on today’s show we debut two brand new segments. On top of going over our stanley cup finals predictions, we will introduce our MFer of the week, where we simply give a shout out to someone who deserves it. We then will have our first edition of Street Talk, where we call our friends and simply confuse them by asking them questions that make absolutely no goddamn sense. 

We then drench the show with our shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps:

2:20 - Camping or clubbing?

6:51 - Stanley cup finals predictions.

11:17 - MFer of the Week (new).

21:12 - Street Talk (new).

30:07 - Shower thought of the day.