Dec. 1, 2021

Nathan Is A Furry?

Nathan Is A Furry?

The results of unlucky episode #13 will most likely result in us becoming possessed but who the hell cares. This episode includes:

- "Love Language" where all you horny and hopeless romantics out there find what you're looking for. Recommended for Moms and Dads.

- "Fax No Printer" where the loser calls Walmart saying they need to return an iPad that isn't working because they went to a suspicious website....

- "Twice Upon A Time" our brand new segment where we call our friends or enemies to give a hilarious or embarrassing story about Kale, Nathan or both of us.

- "Shower Thought of The Day" which includes tooth fairies and everyone's stupid last names.

Enjoy fellow Furries.

Time Stamps:

4:47 - Love Language

11:15 - Fax No Printer

20:20 - Twice Upon A Time

38:18 - Shower Thought Of The Day