March 17, 2022

More doors or wheels?

More doors or wheels?

On episode two-six of Minimal Filters:

  • A heated and controversial debate about if there are more wheels or doors on planet Earth.

  • Discuss the GOATS un-retirement which was almost as short as Kale’s runtime between the sheets.

  • We find out what the fans really think of us with our "Get Burnt segment". 

  • To wrap it up, as everyone knows, we purify the show with our shower thoughts of the day. 

Time Stamps: 

3:24 - Tom Brady is UN-RETIRED

6:08 - Are there more wheels or doors in the world? Heated debate.

24:55 - Get Burnt Segment beginning with group roasts

32:02 - Nathan gets roasted

41:30 - Kale gets roasted

50:51 - Shower thoughts of the day 

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