Oct. 19, 2022

Kale's a Shitty Actor

Kale's a Shitty Actor

MFers of The Week, Street Interviews in YYC, Role Play, and so much more

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 45th episode of Minimal Filters. Today we start off with quickly going over our hair picks for this upcoming Saturday. After that, we bring you the MFers for this week right before we hand it over to ourselves from Saturday night when walked the streets of Calgary and had some pretty fucked up interviews. We also bring back Role Play our fan favourite Improv segment. And then as always, we end the show with our shower thought of the day.

Time Stamps:

01:12 - Nathan’s worst day ever

06:32 - Hair picks

10:30 - MFer of the week

22:38 - Street Talk in YYC

38:54 - Role play

50:55 - Shower thought of the day