Feb. 2, 2022

Ceili's is cancelled? Featuring: Sarah Sociables

Ceili's is cancelled? Featuring: Sarah Sociables

On episode 21 of Minimal Filters, Kale and Nathan interview local influencer and podcaster; Sarah Sociables. They go over some first date spots in Calgary, cool experiences in the city and even give a glimpse into where you should be going during the Calgary Stampede. 
After that they bring back two of the fan's  favourite segments including Love Language and NAILS. They’re going to give you lessons on how to get laid or impress that special person in your life and then they get into an exceptional NAILS where Kale and Nathan will give their lists of the Greatest OG memes of all time. 
And as you all know, they rinse the show off with their shower thoughts of the day. 

Enjoy boys and girls. 

Time Stamps:

5:36 - Beginning of interview with Sarah Sociables Host of YYC Sociables Podcast 

19:50 - Where to go for first dates in Calgary

21:24 - Where to go during the Calgary Stampede

40:06 - Love Language

43:50 - NAILS of OG memes

55:04 - Shower Thought of The Day