March 10, 2022

Birthdays are Overrated

Birthdays are Overrated

On Episode 25, we get into some Nathan and Kale’s rating scales for Euphoria, Love is blind and even a local sports bar here in Calgary called Home & Away.
We will also get into why birthdays suck and we’re bringing back Fax No Printer where the loser today has to prank call a bar saying we left our jacket that contains narcotics in it. 
And as always, we bathe the show off with our shower thoughts of the day.

Enjoy if it's your birthday but enjoy even more if it isn't.

Time Stamps:

Nathan and Kale’s Rating Scales:
7:41 - Home and Away (sports bar in Calgary) 
10:21 - Birthdays Overall
14:30 - Euphoria
22:19 - Love is Blind Season 2

26:14 - Fax No Printer

33:53 - Loser's Prank Call

41:47- Shower Thought of The Day