Sept. 21, 2022

Bad B's but Good Guys.

Bad B's but Good Guys.

Hello MFers, and welcome to episode 41 of Minimal Filters. 
On today's episode, we will be competing in a 3-way of FAX no printer. With Scheibs now joining full time and rightfully fucking up all of our previous segment formats, there will be a different way to win.
 After that, we lay out our top four in the NAILS of “Worst things that begin with the letter B”. 
Next, we answer all your wonderful questions placed out for us three in our ASK.MF segment. 
And lastly, we unstink ourselves with our shower thought of the day.

Time Stamps: 

05:36 - FAX no Printer
24:17 - NAILS of Worst Things that Start with B
42:12 - ASK.MF
65:06 - Shower thought of the day

Some Offense Intended
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