Nov. 3, 2021

Are you a virgin? Featuring: Jason Scheible

Are you a virgin? Featuring: Jason Scheible

00:00 - Brand New Intro Created by Alaister "Ali" Standen, check out his unreal work on Soundcloud!

01:13 - "Movember" announcement. The boys are growing out our muzzies in hopes to bring awareness to Mens Health! Link is in our Instagram bios.

03:35 - Amazing 30-minute interview with our best buddy Jason Scheible. We treat the start as an unexpected job interview and he was NOT a fan... Also, are we virgins? (we discuss)

40:08 - This weeks "NAILS" topic: Most Basic Halloween Costumes. 

50:59 - Nathan and Kales Rating Scales, where we rank our halloween party we hosted over the weekend, one hell of a time.  

Nathan also tells the story of how he almost got jumped by some of the nicest or most desperate guys in Calgary, you decide.

58:10 - Lastly, we finish with our shower thought of the day... "DO NOT TOUCH"

Enjoy, Virgins.